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About us

French Flair is owned and operated by skilled cannabis passionates and experts in cannabis growing, marketing and sales. With more than 10 years experience in their own field, our French team has been working globally and is now going for the Thai high-end market, with a growing network of consumers and a strict and highly curated “Cahier des Charges” (book of specifications) for each French Flair product.

Only the Finest

We offer an exclusive curated selection of high-quality cannabis flowers, catering specifically to worldwide cannabis connoisseurs traveling or residing in Thailand. We focus on hunting the best and most sought-after strains from the best breeders in the world. Our cannabis products are meticulously produced by a passionate team with a decade of expertise, ensuring only the finest flowers with the unique French Flair touch and in limited quantity.

Our Journey: From Passion to Excellence



French Flair was born from a deep love for the cannabis plant. Driven by passion and a desire to fill a gap in the market for top-tier cannabis. We're a community of cannabis enthusiasts, dedicated to delivering the highest-quality products and elevating the cannabis experience.

Our Vision

At French Flair, we unite under a singular purpose: to elevate life through the finest cannabis experiences. 

Rooted in unwavering standards, powered by relentless effort, and fueled by an unending love for the plant, we craft, grow and offer small batches of exceptional, locally grown, and exclusive strains. 

Our business is based on 3 pillars: high quality standards, hard work and love of the plant.

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